White Dove Releases
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Historically a release dove is a breed of Rock Dove (domestic pigeon) emanating from the White Cliffs of Dover and used for ceremonial release over many centuries. White doves pair up for life; so they are a true representation of love and the eternal commitment, that a couple may have made to each other.


For example, to the ancient Egyptians, the white dove represented quiet innocence. The Chinese saw the dove as a symbol of peace and long life. To early Greeks and Romans, doves symbolised love, devotion, and caring whilst the dove was the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love.

More recently, white doves were often used to commemorate important milestones of life and offerings of hope, at  birthdays and so on. Also, they were released to represent a loved ones spirit, in it's final journey when released at funerals. They may also be released at grand openings, sporting events and so on. A white dove release can be included for just about any special and important occasion,  as part of the ceremony; even in lieu of, or in addition to, flowers, balloons and gifts.


The preferred type of release dove is the white homing or racing pigeon; a member of the rock dove species and bred down from the rock dove over tens of centuries.


Our white dove strain, is the white homing pigeon; specifically bred for ceremonial release and trained to return to their home loft upon release. They are trained to return from distances of up to 600km's plus; however, more often than not, the distance they cover from point of release to their home, is less than 100km's.







Common release techniques are usually the "hand release" in which the bride and groom hold a dove each, which are then released together; and there is the "flurry" or "flock release", in which the bride and groom release two birds by hand and then a larger group of doves, up to ten are released immediately afterward ,to join them in the sky for the flight home.


At funerals and memorials, several doves can be released by chosen family members and or friends.


We at Your Choice Ceremonies follow a strict set of  policies for releases; for example, the doves are not to be released in stormy weather, extreme heat, indoors, or too close to power lines if in the release flight path; or at sunset, etc. The safety and well being of the birds, is always paramount.




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The White Dove release

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